We recognize that different owners and dogs experience life in different ways. Therefore, Heather works to provide individual training programs to meet these needs. She will work to train your dog, but to be truly successful she will need to coordinate this with teaching the individual owner how to work with their beloved pet. That way, both the dog and the owner understand their roles and how to best reach the end goal of a well behaved dog and a confident, relaxed owner that is capable of controlling his/her dog in the most challenging situations.

Dogs are really very simple, all they want is to be able to eat food, have a space of their own, but equally important is they need a leader as a source of rules, structures, and discipline. Dogs will lead or be lead. Dogs will feel most secure when humans take charge and establish rules in their household. When the owner refuses to take charge, instinctively the dog thinks he/she must.

Having Balance Between the Team

When we see someone who can go anywhere with their canine companion, we witness a beauty that is a balance between the team…human and canine. Bringing your dog with you should be a pleasure, not a hassle. We believe anyone can achieve this when you understand what’s behind the balance.

On one end of the balanced team is your dog. To keep the dog balanced we have to look at a few things:

• The dog’s nutrition and health
• Genetics, what is your dog bred to do
• Training received and how is it able to adapt to its living situation

On the other end of the balanced team is you. To keep you balanced we have to look at a few things:

• Relationship with your dog
• Dedication and consistency
• Expectations, what do you require of your dog

When you achieve this balance, you and your dog can now be on the same page. The dog knows what is expected and the behaviors that you desire become strong and reliable.

What Happens When Behavioral Issues Arise

All behavior problems basically can be explained by three things:

1. Lack of discipline and structures in the dog’s life.
2. Not meeting the dog’s major needs.
3. A frustrated and insecure dog.

Dog training involves establishing a proper hierarchy with a human on top and establishing proper communication so the dog understands what you are wanting. If you don’t have authority over your dog you can’t expect to communicate well with him. A dog’s behavior can actually be very predictable, making it preventable because it is correctable. Heather’s training philosophy gives you a pet that respects you and not just loves you. That respect will create a pet that will be more eager to please and obey you. In many cases, the dogs are not the major problem, so we help our clients help their dogs, which in turn creates a healthy relationship. Heather will help you be an assertive pet owner, not an aggressive one. Bringing the team together and balanced creates joy and harmony between you and your dog.